Take this Gen Y!

May 16, 2010

umm so this is my idea for Gen Y, it’s a little silly, but just incase i don’t think of anything else, i thought i would note this one

the way i have gotten to this idea, is on the assumption that generation y is lazy and will sleep whenever possible. so im going to help them get there beauty sleep.

its going to be a satchel, that has a soft, inflatable flap (im meaning the bit of the bag that goes over the zip). anyway this will work as a pillow, that you can take without when ever you go.

therefore napping can be comfortable and assessable on the go.

which i think generation Y would go for.

there would be an small button on the inside of the flap and when you press it, the bag would self inflate,then press it again once its at the right softness and to deflate it you could just press the button again.

easy as.

a girl in our class did a speech on this guy scott schuman, who is a salesperson turned fashion photographer.

i think its really cool that such a change of career has worked out and i LOVE his photos, i think they are so stylish and wonderful and yeah.

umm i will add some more blogs to this section, i just havent found any more that have poped out at me.

but i will update, i promise….

as promised i have refound another blog that i love, i have mentioed it before for being very inivative.

its a blog about Alex Box, i would have loved to find her actual blog, but i failed, so i just have a blog about her.

its got alot of her work though, so make sure you check it out. its a little bit crazy but isn’t all truly inventive things?

and finally my last blog that i enjoy.

its nothing really special, its called

and its just an entertainment gossip blog. which sadly i’m slightly addicted to.

so yes, these three blogs are me in a nutshell. i’m a gossip, i enjoy slightly strange things and will always be mesmerised my beautiful things.

well my idea is what im doing for my product development.

its a social network, that is in fact social. (who would have thought)

facebook, myspace and twitter are all becoming the most anti social way of being social and im my mind that doesnt mae much sense.

whats the point of being social if your going to do it in an anti social way (strange)

anyway, my idea so for a very basic new social network

where you pick a friend/friends a time and a place, like creating mini events and a free txt could be sent to your friends phone and then you can actually meet up and chat, rather then “chat” on a computer.

it could even send you like a suggestion, like “how about you meet you in degrave st with jess today for lunch?”

encouraging people to be social and you have your friends added, so your only going to catch up with people you want to catch up with.

hmmm im still kind of working it out, but thats my basic idea.

and i think i still want to keep it really basic, that anyone could kind of get the hang of with out to much drama.

please feel free to leave a comment if you see a massive flaw in my idea.



till next time

-Jenny xx

Everybody wants a thrill

April 25, 2010

this week i shall be blogging about the need people have to be involved within or have a connection with a group/community. and how ideas and development can be produced from this.

okay so today we saw some Flash Mob in class my favourite was:

what i really love about flash mob and the people involved is that don’t really get anything out of it, besides bringing joy to strangers. and the more you think about it the more crazy it seems, to teach choreography to over 100 people is an incredible and time consuming thing.

I think its really uplifting that in this day and age people will still do something just for the sake of doing something, with the only reward being making people happy.

another idea that im really enjoying at the moment, which again plays on peoples need to be apart of something, is the new sensation Human Vs Zombies, soaring across melbourne universities

so in this game, everyone starts off as a human, and you wear a little arm band (i believe it is yellow) and in the beginging there are is a zombie and each university also wearing an arm band (red)

when i zombie see’s a human they grab them, this then creates them into a zombie, (so they change there arm band) and now they must find other humans and turn them. so its the last human standing wins.

they don’t win anything, they just win. although since its on such a large scaled Facebook is really the only way of telling who is in and who isn’t, you might win and not even know it.

i guess we all just have a desire to be involved, maybe it began in gym class when you didn’t want to get picked last so now we all have a fear of being left out or not wanted, so when we can, we involve ourselves to be part of something, anything.

The dictionary  explains innovation as being – The act of introducing something new. i guess that makes perfect sense, although i would like to think its a little more complex, i guess i see innovation as perfecting or advancing something further, more so then starting something from scratch

like finding someones idea and getting the faults out of it rather then coming up with the initial concept.

I suppose in this class i want to see how people have changed and reproduced things to make them better.

I think risk is a big part of innovation and creativity, without it risk wouldn’t be some of our biggest entertainers and the creative industry would really suffer.

This is one brand that i think takes great risks and are truly creative

Alex Box is  make up artist how pushes the boundaries beauty

I think anyone can be creative, although i think its getting harder and harder to be. new ideas are becoming harder find. and those who are creative in this day and age are kind of a bit kooky.

take Alexander Mcqueen, (who past away earlier this year) he is know for his creativity, although many would find his fashion as a bit to strange, know one could say he wasn’t original and creative.

i think these two people (in my mind) are what creativity, risk and innovation are.

I’m Jenny and i like to smile

I want to be an actress, a painter and as cocky as it sounds i would love to be a model. If this doesn’t work out for me (and hey lets face it theres a good chance it wont ) I want to move to Russia and write novels about there history. i enjoy structure, i think i learn best with dealines and i think that i little bit of stress has never hurt anyone.

i think pushing yourself will only make you stronger and more adaptable and i secretly love being thrown in the deep end ( even though some times i sink, it makes the times that i swim so much better)

to be honestly i don’t really mind what i do with my life, my real goal is to do something that in 40 years i can still wake and and get excited about it.

at the moment I’m 19, recently moved to the city, doing the course that i wanted to do, living with amazing people, eating junk, drinking to much, sleeping in late and waking up with a smile.

you could say im pretty happy with how this year is turning out.